About Ashley

I’m Ashley; Daughter of the Most High King. I am a sinner, once lost and in desperate need of a savior, turned redeemed soul still in desperate need of a savior. I survive on grace and my life is dependant on mercy. I shower in My God’s kindness, and cling to the hope that is found only in Him.

I am blessed to be the wife of the most loving and beautiful man I have ever known. His place and presence in my life is a living testament to Yahweh’s gift of mercy, redemption, and forgiveness to me. I am also called Mama by the sweetest, craziest, twin girls (the Twincesses), who are constantly showing me just how inherently human I am. Together we live in Twinderland – It’s an upside down, inside out, topsy turvy curious world. 

I am a woman of passion; I live life with my heart on my sleeve, my feet on the Rock, and, occasionally, my head in the clouds.

Writing, coffee, old books that smell like history, learning, musicals, and anything Disney – these are some of my favorite earthly things.

I discovered a passion for both Jesus and writing early in life, and now as a bigger kid I am finding my voice through blogging and creative writing. I am currently in college for Communication and Public Relations and I have just recently begun to blog on a less casual level. While on this journey as an aspiring writer I hope to utilize my gifts for the cause of Christ, to bring hope to the lost and encouragement to the weary. I have a story to tell; it’s one of life, and love, and the pursuit of holiness in the throes of this beautiful mess.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

With love from Twinderland xoxo

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Contact me at Adventuresintwinderland@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Ashley

  1. Hi Ash, I read your blog during breaks at work, and greatly enjoy it :). I’m looking forward to your new entries post blogger conference! Also, I hear you have an amazing zuppa toscana recipe….would you mind sharing?

    ❤ Claire

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