Manna for Today

I want to share with you today something that the Lord has been sharing with me over the past few days, and it’s about provision.

The Lord provides for His children, we see His faithfulness time and time again throughout scripture. He meets His children’s needs, whatever they may be. He certainly did for the children of Israel during their time in the wilderness.

“I have heard the grumbling of the people of Israel. Say to them, ‘At twilight you shall eat meat, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread. Then you shall know that I am the Lord your God’ – Exodus 16:12

Different foods for different times of day, different needs met based on the season, the Lord addressed their needs as He saw them, even more than they knew their own needs themselves.

And when Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, He said “Give us this day our daily bread.” Daily bread. Not bread for tomorrow, or this week, or this year, but just today.

And that is how God provides for us – day by day.

This has been especially relevant for me lately, not only because we’ve been in a place of financial purgatory for a few weeks, but regarding knowledge, and the revelation of it.

See, God doesn’t just address our physical needs, but He takes care of all of them. He knows what we need to understand at different seasons of our lives – sometimes God doesn’t reveal “the big picture” to us at once, because we need to have different experiences at different moments. This is true even with people and relationships.

I have a friend that I have “known” for a little while now, but the way I know her now is very different from the way I knew her back when I first “met” her. In the beginning I knew her as only someone of inspiration. I knew her from a (very far) distance. To me she modeled perfect obedience, honestly, purity, and Godliness. She was the picture of a Proverbs 31 woman, she was set apart, and she embodied the strength of Christ. And I needed that. I needed it desperately. I needed someone to challenge me, someone to motivate me, someone to show me that there is a way to live like that, and she’s doing it, so I can too.

But that was just one side of her. Lately God has allowed me to see multiple facets of who she is, just when I needed it. I needed a friend who wasn’t perfect always perfect – but was always honest and God-seeking, who sometimes melted down – but who melted into the arms of her friends, and allowed them to minister to her, I needed someone who was real and relatable; I no longer needed just a role model, I needed a friend.

And God has worked relationships the opposite direction as well.

In the beginning I saw of other relationships what I needed at the time, but as I’ve grown in Christ and as I’ve moved into different seasons, He is allowing me to see things in a different light, revealing things to me in a way I never saw them before, as a way of helping me close certain doors.

Today’s grace is sufficient for today, and tomorrow’s grace will be sufficient for tomorrow. So today, instead of struggling with your “need” to know more, to see the bigger picture, to look further down the road, simply ask for (and thank for) your daily bread.

Trust that His manna will enable you with everything you need for today, for this season, and let Him bring you tomorrow what tomorrow will need – because doesn’t he know that better than you ever could anyway?


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