These are a few of my favorite things…

My relationship with Yahweh

Watching (the new) Pride and Prejudice with a big bowl of beef soup

Running to the grocery store, right around sunrise, in my pajamas to pick up freshly made donuts

Snuggling under a blanket in front of the lit Christmas tree, listening to piano Christmas music

Having heartfelt conversations with sweet friends throughout the night

My daughter’s hands cupping my face as she laughs with me

The stillness and peace of Christmas Eve

Watching my husband read wearing his glasses

Playing board games with my family and laughing until our cheeks hurt

The house, freshly cleaned, lit with cinnamon/cider candles

The crunch of fall leaves under my feet

Walking in the park during a bright sunset surrounded by colorful autumn leaves wrapped up in a sweater

Homemade tender chicken pot pie

Finding our family Christmas tree

Worship sessions around a camp fire

Professional kitchen equipment

Disney Movies



Disney Music

Reading Disboards Trip Reports and Dining Reviews

Have I said Disney?

Blank books of lined paper

The smell of old books and the feel of old book pages

Hans Zimmer

The book of James

Writing fiction

Blogging from my heart late at night while cuddled up on the couch next to my sweet husband.

Yes, my friends, these are the things the good life is made of.


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