When It’s Truly The Thought That Counts

My husband and I are currently in the process of trying to sell our home. During said process we decided it would be best (read, easier on mama) if we moved in with my mom for the time being. She has so graciously and lovingly accepted me and my family back into her home, and I don’t know where I would be, or how much sanity would be intact right now, without her (but truth be told, I think she kind of loves having her grandbabies here too 🙂 ). Still, money is tight. We still have to pay the mortgage on our house, the utilities, help with utilities here, and so on. Sometimes there isn’t much left over to spend on frivolities.

Such is the case this week. After the bills were paid and tithes were given, we had a few dollars left in the bank account. I’ve been longing for some time alone with my husband,who’s been working so very hard lately, but a date night out just wasn’t in the budget.

So I improvised!

A quick stop to the grocery store to pick up the one or two items I was missing for dinner, and a visit to the Target seasonal clearance section gave me everything I needed for an impromptu date night to surprise my husband with!

Can I talk to you a minute about why this was so important to me? I wasn’t trying to win brownie points (although they certainly don’t hurt 😉 ), I wasn’t trying to be impressive or clever – I was simply longing to show my husband what he means to me.

I have a friend who is struggling in her marriage – although she claims that they’re just like the average joe. They have two kids, the eldest of which is 5 – and that is exactly how long it’s been since she and her husband have been out together alone. She doesn’t trust anyone around her kids, and so they simply do not spend alone time together. In the past both she and her husband have struggled with seeking affection outside of each other – and I believe that this plays a big part in that.

Marriage is like a garden – you will only get out of it what you put into it. If you throw a few seeds on the ground and leave it to do its thing, you probably will yield little, if any, fruit. If you want a fruitful garden, you must put your back into it. It requires attention to the soil you use to plant your seeds, the amount of sun you allow it to get, how often you water it, how well you prune. Marriages, like gardens, do not flourish by happenstance.

This is so important, friends. Show him you think he’s special, show her you appreciate her – tell your spouse you love them through your actions and words. You don’t need to have a lot of money or go out to fancy restaurants to keep romance alive in your marriage – all you really need is a little thoughtfulness (and some pasta never hurts 🙂 )

(A little glimpse at our date night – I strung up the clearance white lights I purchased from target, dropped a few tea lights into our wine glasses, and served an Italian dinner on the deck. It was romantic and quiet and cheap!)


One thought on “When It’s Truly The Thought That Counts

  1. This is why you are a keeper!! 🙂 I love you Ashley, thank you for thinking of me and planning a special night for us and keeping it a surprise! 🙂 Forever xoxox

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