Under Watchful Eye

I recently purchased a video monitor for the Twincess’s room, so that I could keep an eye on them at night and in the mornings before I get them up.

It’s served us very well in the short time we’ve had it. One night not long after it was installed we watched as Looberry climbed up on the rails to reach the light switch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband scale a flight of stairs as fast as he did that night, scooping her up into his protective arms and returning her to the safety of her bed (which was lowered!)

On nights like this I enjoy just watching the girls as they peacefully sleep, occasionally scanning the room to make sure all is well – and they are never the wiser.

There are times when I watch them wake up in the middle of the night and cry. My first instinct is to rush to their aid, to wrap them in my arms and fix the problem; but with this camera, I’ve begun to let them work it out themselves first, always watching and guarding. In the moments when there is a real need, a leg stuck in a slat, a toothache, a pacifier MIA, I answer swiftly, kiss them and slip out of the room as quickly as I can. But more commonly it is a matter that they can solve, like finding a lost blanket or sippy cup, or simply needing to rest and trust in the safety of their surroundings and fall back asleep. They never realize that I am always watching, they are never beyond my protection; even in the moments of darkness and silence, I am there caring for them.

How often does our Heavenly Father do the same for us?

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary” – Isaiah 40:28

As watchful as I am over my children, I am still pitifully human and need rest of my own. But not our God. He never wearies, He never takes his eyes from us.

In the moments when we feel so alone, when we are filled with fear, when we call out and do not receive an answer, we are so quick to believe our God has abandoned us. But I believe that  He is never as vigilant, never as near, never as intent, as He is in those moments. He is simply waiting to see how we respond, how we react. He has given us the wisdom and knowledge in our situations, if we only remind ourselves of His truth. He will never let us falter – in moments of true need and desperation, He will swoop in like the wind to save us – nothing will overcome us, nothing escapes His sight. He simply knows that He has dressed us in Spiritual armor, and wants us to trust that these battles have already been won.


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